Q.1. How to Register with JSS BAZAAR Application?

Ans. Download our Application. And go for sign up process, where you have to fill all the related details as Name, Contact Number, Email address, GST No. (if you don’t have GST leave the column blank) & Address. Then click on sign up and we will receive your request for JSS BAZAAR application.

Q.2. How to solve the notice for “Contact to Administrator”?

Ans. Once you have signed up for our application. Our Approval team will review your request and will approve it, if your provided details are true. If you have not filled correct Details or our approval team finds anything inappropriate in your details, then our Support team will contact you via mail or call and do the needful for you. And after easily login with your mobile number.

Q.3. How to make an enquiry for product?

Ans. Customer can easily make an enquiry for any product. Go to product and click on enquiry, where he/she can see the enquiry box. Write down your enquiry and send them to us by submitting enquiry. Or you can connect with us via WhatsApp. Our support team will help you with your enquiries.

Q.4. How to add money to Balance Wallet?

Ans. For the Customer Convenience, JSS BAZAAR provides three easy to use wallet options. Customer can easily add money to their Balance wallet through our payment gateway. Click on “Add Balance” and they will be redirected to our payment gateway. Where they can easily pay via Debit card, Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI (Google Pay, Paytm, Phone pay, Airtel Money or etc.) or he/she can easily pay via third party wallets.

Q.5. How to Pay for my order using Google Pay?

Ans. Customer can easily pay via Google pay, Paytm, Phone Pe or any other application which allows or create a UPI Id. Go to our payment Gateway’s UPI page and enter your UPI ID which customer uses with third Party application and click on proceed. Therefor, customer will be asked by third party application about confirmation. Review your payment and click yes and your order will be placed easily.

Q.6. Can customer add money to COD & Credit wallet also?

Ans.  Credit & COD wallets depends totally on customer’s previous orders and consistency. It will totally depend on JSS BAZAAR to add money to their wallets and then customer can avail the facilities of wallets and services.

Q.7. How to track your placed order?

Ans. Customers can easily track their placed order in track order menu. And see the order status anytime, anywhere.

Q.8. How to see invoice and products of your placed order?

Ans. Go to track order menu and click on invoice and your invoice will download in your device easily. And you can see all your order products.

Q.9. What is the locations where JSS BAZAAR can provide their services?

Ans. Yes, We Provide services to all over India. We are glad to tell that anybody can place their order from every corner of India.

Q.10. How much time will JSS BAZAAR takes for deliver the order?

Ans.  JSS BAZAAR is known for its fast and quality services. If destination is far from our transit hub than it will be delivered in 5 to 6 days. Otherwise, we will deliver your products within 3 days.

Q.11.  can I cancel my order after 2 days?

Ans. Customers can only cancel their order within 24 hours, they will get their refund within 2 working days (except public holidays). Once, we have approached to next step with your order, you can cancel your order.

Q.12. How can I sell my products on JSS BAZAAR Application?

Ans.  To sell your products on our application. You need to be a manufacturer or you have to provide us the best quality of your dealing product and with the respectable competitive price with market. To be a part of JSS BAZAAR Go to our website and fill your form in Become A Seller and our seller team will connect with you as soon as possible with the further process. For more enquiry visit our Web-site or mail us at seller@jssbazaar.com.

Q.13. How to Contact JSS BAZAAR?

Ans.  Customers can easily connect with us via chat box provided on Web-site. Or they can connect with us via WhatsApp or mail us at customercare@jssbazaar.com , call us at 1800-123-88-7777 ( toll-free ).